Červen 2015

Avoiding Search Engine Optimization Issues with Press Releases

9. června 2015 v 15:20
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Press release websites -- and, by association, websites that relied heavily on PageRank boosts from press release websites -- were shifted downwards by Google's search engine algorithm in 2014. Digital marketers and business owners interested in releasing press releases must be cautious if they want to avoid harming their website's search reputation and authority.

Using "Nofollow" Links in Press Releases
Companies can avoid adversely affecting their website through press releases by using 'nofollow' links when pointing to their own site or by avoiding pointing to their own site at all. Press releases that are strictly about the announcement and news in question rather than promotional in nature will generally perform better in search engine rankings and will thus achieve greater traffic.

Writing Unique Press Releases for Each Distribution Channel

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Google has taken action against press release wires which produce identical press releases on a variety of websites. Writing unique press releases for each distribution channel can improve the overall impact of the press release, even though this may seem contrary to the format of a press release. Press releases can be materially similar as long as they are technically unique.

Avoiding Keywords in Press Releases

Strictly speaking, keywords and keyword optimization should usually be avoided within a press release because it is not the goal of a press release. If keywords can be inserted into a press release seamlessly, they should not have any negative effect.
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But if keywords need to be placed in an awkward or unnatural fashion, they could reduce the overall effectiveness and search engine ranking of the press release itself.

Finding the Right Press Release Site
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Only reputable press release sites should be used for the distribution of press releases -- especially following the Google algorithm changes which caused many press release circuits to plummet in search engine rankings. In general, reputable press release sites will have strict quality and standards guidelines, rather than simply a pay-to-play press release acceptance. SEO companies Denver can help businesses interested in releasing information to the press without harming their website. Press releases are still extremely valuable tools, especially in the B2B advertising arena -- they just need to be handled with some caution.