Červenec 2015

How Meta Tags Are Used By Google, Yahoo and Bing Search Engines

12. července 2015 v 15:58
Meta tags are often inserted into webpages to increase search engine visibility -- but not all meta tags are actually used by search engines today. Meta tags first arose as a way for websites to declare to a search engine what the content was on the site itself. Modern SEO companies Denver will often add meta tags as a way to ensure that a page is properly optimized, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they are required.

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Meta Description Tags

The meta description is used often -- but not always -- by Google, Yahoo and Bing to show a "snippet" of the website on the search engine results page. Google, in particular, will usually try to automatically generate a description based on the user's query, which means that occasionally the meta description becomes superfluous. The content of the meta description may have some merit in the search engine's rankings, but not any more than simply having that content within the page itself would.

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Meta Keyword Tags

Meta keyword tags are interesting because they are no longer used by any major search engine to increase search rankings. They are ignored entirely by Google. Yahoo and Bing actually give less relevance to a meta keyword tag than the actual content of the page -- so placing keywords within the page itself gives a page more relevancy than placing it in the keyword tags. The use of meta keyword tags is generally deprecated but not necessarily harmful.

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Meta Title Tag

Like the description tag, the meta title tag is helpful only in so far as it shows up on the search engine results page. Loading keywords into the meta title tag is not necessarily helpful. Therefore, the meta title tag should be targeted towards the user rather than the search engine -- it should be optimized to incline the user to click on them, rather than to include keywords that the search engine may be looking for.

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Of all meta tags, the meta description tag is likely to be the most important. The meta description tag is the only tag that is used in some capacity by the search engine results page, even if it isn't advantageous for the purposes of organic search. For the most part, the other tags are not harmful, but also not necessary.