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Three Reasons Why SEO Companies Focus on Social Media

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Many SEO companies Denver emphasize social media marketing. This can be confusing for a business owner who is not familiar with internet marketing in general, as SEO may not appear to have much to do with social media. However, it is important to realize that a business website simply cannot grow as it should without engaging in serious social media marketing. Following are three reasons why sites such as Facebook, Youtube, Google +, Twitter and Pinterest can mean the difference between a company's success and failure.

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Social Media Creates Links
In times past, a business could build links by buying links from "link farms". Unfortunately, link building is no longer as simple as it used to be. Google penalizes sites that engage in "unnatural" link building, making it difficult to generate much-needed inbound links to a site. However, there is one field where one can easily create links and that is using social media. The more followers and fans one has, the more links will be generated by the followers and fans, thus enabling a business to get more traffic, more sales and a higher search engine placement than before.

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Google Pays Attention to Social Signals
Google is paying attention to social signals these days. This means that a site with lots of social media fans will have a higher search engine placement than a site with few or no social networking channels. While a business should not feel obligate to open a social media account with every single social network, every company should have and regularly update at least a few important social media sites.

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Social Media Marketing Makes it Easy to Reach a Niche Audience
Many Google Ads fail to deliver because they are not reaching the right people. Social media marketing, on the other hand, enables one to set preferences that can make it easy to reach a target audience. Ads can be delivered to users based on age, gender, geographical location, language and/or other filters.

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A good SEO business will naturally use various means and strategies to help a company get ahead in Google. However, social media marketing is one particular field that a business owner (and his or her SEO consultancy) will want to pay close attention to. Social media has a direct impact on Google placement, generates traffic (which in turn boosts Google placement) and can offer a high ROI for an online advertising campaign.