Říjen 2015

How to Earn Quality Links for a Site without Incurring a Google Penalty

21. října 2015 v 9:07
seo companies DenverLink building has changed dramatically over the last few years. Not too long ago, it was possible to buy dozens or even hundreds of links from "link farms" and use them to boost a site's standing in Google. Needless to say, such a tactic would be counterproductive today.

Despite the fact that Google has cracked down on link building, it still uses it as a signal to determine a site's SEO placement. Building links is just as important as it was in times past; however, the way in which businesses go about it is vastly different. Following are some tried and proven ways to earn quality links without getting in trouble with Google.

Use Social Media
seo companies DenverBusinesses can use social media platforms such as Facebook, Reddit, Google+ and others to promote their website's blog posts. YouTube can also be used to create quality links to a website, especially if uploaded videos have been optimized with relevant keywords.

Use Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a good way to get top quality links, but only if done in moderation. When using this link building tactic, quality is paramount. Link building via guest blogging can only be done by putting the needs of readers first and then seeing if a link fits in with the context of the article. Guest blogging is a link building tactic that should not be overused. For best results, companies should combine guest blogging with other link building tactics so that link growth looks organic rather than manufactured.

seo companies Denver

Ask for Links
Asking for links may appear childish but can produce effective results. One way to go about it is to contact leading industries or individuals mentioned in a post to inform them of their mention. Businesses can go even further by asking if the company post may be of interest to the mentioned company's followers.

seo companies DenverDenver business owners and entrepreneurs with little experience in the area of link building may find this SEO tactic a challenge. By working with professional SEO companies Denver specializing in this field, business owners can benefit from their experience and expertise. Getting professional help with link building will reduce the risk of making mistakes that could incur a penalty from Google. At the same time, it provides local companies with valuable links that will generate traffic and sales for their business on a short and long term basis.