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Current "Black Hat" Search Engine Optimization Techniques

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"Black hat" search engine optimization techniques are techniques that are generally frowned upon by the major search engines. The consequences of utilizing black hat techniques can range from being entirely black-listed from the relevant search engine to having certain search penalties enacted. In general, black hat techniques are designed to improve search engine visibility through misleading either the search engine or the audience.

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"Cloaking" a Website's Content
Cloaking delivers different content to the search engine and the web reader. The search engine may see a website about insurance whereas the web reader may see a website that is about taking out a personal loan. The goal of "cloaking" is to get a page delivered to as many readers as possible, even if the page does not adhere to the reader's actual web query. Cloaking can also be done simply by hiding a page's content invisibly: for instance, the page's viewable content might be in a non-searchable image, while the page's searchable content may be written in white text on a white background.

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Paying for Links to a Website
Even large corporations have been blacklisted from search engines because of paid links. A paid link is frowned upon by a search engine because they utilize links to rank a page. By paying for a link, an SEO company would be essentially be purchasing a higher search engine rank. A paid link is distinguished by paying a website specifically to house a link to an unrelated site -- it does not apply to paid work that may contain a relevant link.

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Automatic Gateway Redirects
There are times when a page redirection may be necessary. For instance, if an individual has changed site domains. Gateway redirects differ from this type of page redirection. With a gateway redirect, a company intentionally gains search engine ranking on a specific page and then redirects it to an entirely unrelated page. This funnels readers to a page that they did not expect to view rather than giving them the content that they were looking for.

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Modern SEO companies Denver should not use any of the above techniques. These techniques have shown to not only be frowned upon by most search engines, but also ultimately detrimental to search engine ranking. A black hat technique differs from a merely ineffective technique because it is directly discouraged by search engines.