Leden 2016

Creating a Mobile-Friendly SEO Website

22. ledna 2016 v 7:32
Denver SEO companiesThese days, everyone's on their phones. Although these are phones, the majority of people use them for anything but making calls. Instead, they text, access social media, play games, video-chat, check email, and surf the Internet. Data from 2014 has found that almost everyone has a phone, with 90 percent of adults in the United States having some type of cell phone and 58 percent owning a smartphone. What does all this mean for a business owner? That they absolutely cannot neglect the mobile aspect of their marketing plan.

Denver SEO companiesJust because a business owner spent time designing their own website or paying for the service to be done for them doesn't mean that their job is done yet. They may not have made a mobile-friendly version of the site. Customers can still access the site without trouble, but it's not going to be formatted correctly. It may looked stretched, squished, condensed, or otherwise clunky. While on a computer, the site will load cleanly and neatly, but when on a smartphone or another mobile device, pictures and text may be misaligned.
Denver SEO companiesWhen a customer sees this, they aren't going to stick around. They'll be confused for a moment, and then they'll continue their search for a company that offers the same services but with a mobile-optimized site. A business owner who doesn't know the first thing about mobile optimization should request the services of a Denver SEO companies. Such a company may be staffed with experts who understand all aspects of successful marketing. These experts may have transformed small businesses into major Denver fixtures and even worked with some huge brands.
Denver SEO companiesOptimizing a website for mobile viewing is typically a service included with most website design packages. If it wasn't, or if the business owner didn't think they'd need a mobile-optimized site and now realize they do, creating one isn't difficult. The mobile site should look like the main site with the same color scheme and the same information. Customers don't want to log on to a completely different site when on their smartphones or mobile devices. That can be confusing. If the mobile site looks like the same as the normal version of the site though, customers won't think twice. Make sure that the site has the same features too, like an about page, a blog, links to all social media, and of course a web store. To get help creating a mobile-friendly website today, a business owner should contact a Denver SEO company by phone or email.