Červenec 2016

5 Evaluation Criteria for SEO Companies in Denver

15. července 2016 v 4:56
After outsourcing the search engine optimization task to specialized SEO Denver specialists, business owners will usually measure the success of their SEO strategy in terms of inbound leads and website traffic. While these two evaluation criteria can tell a thing or two about how well SEO is working, they should not be the only benchmarks against which a strategy is evaluated.

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As search engine optimization is a complex process, working across several levels of optimization, it is tightly related to other online marketing strategies. A thorough and accurate evaluation will also be complex and will include more detailed aspects than just ranking and backlinks.

5 Relevant Factors in Evaluating SEO Companies Denver Services

Quality of communication
Good communication contributes to the success of any relation, business or personal. Smooth and constant communication with the SEO manager means permanent monitoring of the strategy and its results. Experienced SEO managers will generally make a detailed communication plan after signing the contract; scheduled meetings, discussions, and reports. It will also be available for their clients to contact in case of emergency situations.

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Personalized keyword strategy
Sometimes, SEO managers get lazy and do not perform a proper keyword research, especially if they have already worked with a company in the same industry. The strategy will still work, of course, but not to its maximum potential. Keyword strategies that give the best results include general phrases relevant to the industry and more specific ones, relevant to the business.

Analytics and reports
Regular reports fall under good communication. However, what they contain and the form in which they are delivered or presented is another matter. SEO managers often get carried away and forget that not everyone is familiar with the specialized vocabulary. It takes professionalism and skills to be able to explain SEO terms to a room of C-Suite, but this is exactly what experts do.

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Local SEO
Local optimization has become indispensable, especially to small and medium businesses, and SEO managers that ignore this fact are not very likely to succeed. Local SEO can be evaluated by comparing traffic with conversions and profit, checking mobile activity and conducting periodical business reviews.

Visibility in social media
Social signals are very important in a search engine optimization strategy, as high levels of sharing validate the quality of a website. Rigorous SEO reports will therefore include evaluation of social conversions, the amount of social referrals, the company's social engagement levels, etc.

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Dealing with Red Flags
Periodically checking on the 5 elements presented above is a great way for business owners to spot any red flags in the SEO strategy. Identifying the warning signals on time will give SEO companies Denver the chance to deal with them and prevent them from becoming problems. However, if the strategy works perfectly and the reports look fine, but still the profits fail to increase, the problem could lie within another department, and an in-depth analysis of the whole online marketing strategy is needed.