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4 Types of Blogs That Maximize SEO

12. října 2016 v 16:21
While many Denver SEO companies address the importance of social media marketing and high rankings in Google, few discuss the importance of blogs and how they significantly impact a company's SEO.

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However, blogging is one of the most popular forms of communication in today's online world; as such, it is a critical platform for companies to tap into when they are looking to enhance their SEO and take their success to the next level.

Creating SEO-Rich Blogs
Blogging takes many forms. It can involve a business providing clients with weekly or daily updates, a video game lover posting about the latest game released in a series, or a bookworm offering novel critiques to fellow readers.

Regardless of the topic, there are certain characteristics to be found in every blog that is high in search engine rankings. SEO companies Denver will narrow down what makes the best blogs successful and help clients incorporate these techniques into their own SEO strategy.

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1.Using Paragraphs
Successful bloggers state that one of the most important factors of writing a blog post is to be mindful of the blog's format. A new line should not be created merely for the sake of "looking pretty." Paragraphs ought to be broken up for a reason.
Furthermore, every paragraph should have a clear idea. If more sentences are required to communicate this idea, then more paragraphs should be added for the sake of conciseness.

2. Using Headings
Successful bloggers use headings to break up text and keep their blog looking fresh and organized. However, there is a balance between too much and too little, and finding that balance takes time and practice.

However, headings are not only important for readability; they are important for SEO as well. Headings help search engines grasp the main point of a blog post and can therefore assist in creating a higher ranking.

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3. Linking to Previous Content

Quality links are one of the most important components of SEO, and they can be applied to blogs as well as web pages. The more a company writes on their blog, the more they can reference and link to previous posts. This helps increase traffic over time.

4. Optimizing Length

Successful bloggers say that search engines generally notice longer articles, and so a minimum of 300 words is usually recommended. However, it is rarely advisable to go beyond 700 words, depending on the blog's topic. This is because an article that is too lengthy will start to appear long-winded, and may risk scaring away users.

Keywords should additionally be incorporated 1 to 2 percent of the time throughout the text (i.e., in a 300-word article, the keywords should be mentioned 3 to 6 times).

Blogging With SEO Companies in Denver

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Ultimately, blogging is a useful tool in the realm of SEO marketing. It enables companies to reach a larger audience while increasing their traffic in an engaging and user-friendly way.