Leden 2017

Bad SEO Practices All Businesses Should Avoid

20. ledna 2017 v 0:51
Denver SEO expertSEO companies Denver have heard all variations of horror stories pertaining to poor SEO prac-tices. In some cases, certain SEO practices are so blatantly counter-intuitive, it's a complete won-der why they would ever be considered in the first place. At any rate, here are four poor SEO prac-tices all companies should avoid.

Keyword Stuffing

Denver SEO servicesKeyword stuffing refers to the repetition of the same keyword multiple times in a single piece of content. The reason certain companies opt to use keyword stuffing is that the method can poten-tially manipulate a search engine's algorithm, driving more traffic to the website. While keyword stuffing may (in rare cases) lead to a temporary boost in visitors, the effect is not built to last. Firstly, keyword stuffing can be clearly identified by anyone reading the text. The overwhelming majority of texts that apply keyword stuffing contain no morsel of genuine content, and readers recognize this instantly. Web visitors are in search of exclusively valuable content; if presented with anything short of that, they most likely will not be returning to the website any time soon. Additionally, search engines are signalled when websites use keyword stuffing, and the website may suffer certain penalties because of it.

SEO DenverPublishing Guest Posts Lacking Quality

Publishing content on a consistent basis is considered a solid SEO practice. However, while it's great to publish lots of content regularly, it's never advisable that poorly written content be added to a website. Again, if visitors are met with anything but rich, valuable content, they aren't likely to visit the website again, and they certainly are not likely to make a financial commitment to the companies products or services. Guest posts should only be accepted for publication by a website if the content they contain is relevant, unique, and practical for visitors.

Having Several Outgoing Links

While incoming links may impair a website's chances of success, outgoing links can cause equal amounts of damage. Websites which contain several outgoing links, all of which lack the inclusion of the 'nofollow' tag, can potentially be labelled as paid directories or link farms. No reader looks forward to visiting a link farm, especially not on a consistent basis. Essentially, companies should use 'nofollow' in all links pertaining to websites, ads, and comments that are not entirely trustworthy.

Denver SEO companiesSlow or Periodically Inaccessible Websites

A website should load its homepage almost instantly, and it should be available to visitors every second of the day, every day of the week. If websites do not comply with those guidelines, it is a surefire sign of poor SEO practice. Thankfully, reliable hosting providers who offer 24 hour website service are relatively easy to find, and current web-building software makes websites that typically load in less than 5 seconds, which is the maximum accepted loading time period.