Únor 2017

How do SEO Companies help Denver Businesses Market their Brand?

8. února 2017 v 6:51

Denver SEO consultantSEO or Search Engine Optimization is the most vital form of marketing available to businesses today. Unlike the old days where businesses could either hire an ad agency or create commercials for themselves, SEO requires more than just putting the ad together. Businesses also have to understand how search engines operate and there is a lot more research involved than simply creating that advertisement.

While all SEO companies are different, most of them employ a four pronged strategy for determine the best course for individual agencies.

Denver SEO marketing#1. Reviewing a Prospective Client's Website

Firstly, seo companies Denver want to take a look at any established website to determine what steps need to be made in order to boost its search engine ranking.

"SEO Companies have web developers on staff who can go through your web page line by line if need be to make sure you have what the search engines are looking for," said one SEO consultant from Denver. "This might include keywords, metadata, content, a blog, you name it. While no one really knows specifically what the criteria is for top sites versus bottom ones, we're going to employ strategies that we know have been successful in the past, and have a sleek streamlined site that is easy for users to navigate and naturally attracts users to it is likely to result in a higher listing on a search engine."

Denver SEO expert#2. Market Analysis

Market analysis requires SEO Companies to sift through all the similar sites that provide roughly the same services as the client's site. Part of this process involves the determination of which keywords to target in order to bring interested customers to the client's webpage.

"The key for content is target certain keywords. Let's say I'm interested in snowboarding gear for instance. I want to make sure that my snowboarding gear company is the company that has the highest ranking for snowboarding gear. What I don't want is a page with the words snowboarding gear written fifty thousand times. That isn't going to work. Google's search results can sift pages like that out and instead hone in on well written content of a certain length and a certain keyword saturation. You don't want to get too pushy with keywords. You're basically just looking to generate great content with the keywords. So knowing what the top sites are doing and knowing what the relevant keywords are is an imperative for SEO companies."

Denver SEO
#3. Deployment

Depending on the specific needs of the business SEO companies can develop a strategy targeting interested consumers. "The trick is knowing what's going to work when. When does pay per click advertising going to work, when are blogs going to work, when do you want to target social media etc.. Marketing is a big investment so finding a company that's willing to work with an individual business's needs and know what's going to work and when is the biggest thing there."