Březen 2017

The Big Mistakes of Bad SEO Companies

10. března 2017 v 5:13
There are many SEO companies Denver based and many other major cities, but not all of them are of equal value. Some are extremely effective at their jobs and can truly help a business grow in unimaginable ways. Others are quite the opposite and can essentially wipe a business out of appearing in any search engine results with their poor search engine optimization techniques. There are a few big mistakes that should be avoided by all SEO companies. If a client is with any company that makes even one of these mistakes, that company should be dropped immediately.

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Extreme Keyword Stuffing
One of the most common mistakes in search engine optimization is known as keyword stuffing. This essentially refers to copy that repeats itself over and over and over and over in order to cram as many keywords as possible into a body of content. This is typically done in an attempt to garner a higher ranking from a search engine, but it can actually result in the opposite. Websites that are found to be 'unnaturally' stuffed with keywords will be sent further down the results list by the search engine.

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Dead and Broken Links
Over time, it is not uncommon for a link embedded in a piece of copy to lose its ability to link through to the intended page. This may happen because the location of the page has changed or perhaps the website that it linked to no longer exists. Regardless of the cause, broken links that remain on a website will give the page a lower ranking when it comes to search results. This not only hurts a business online presence, but it is also a nuisance for potential customers that do make it to the website.

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Plagiarism or Copied Content
Not only is copying someone else's content illegal and unethical, it will also severely impact a web page's search engine rankings. There is no advantage to stealing other website's work, yet it is not entirely uncommon. However, creating original and informative content can be a real boost to traffic and is more compelling for potential customers or clients.

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Doubling Down on Copy
Sometimes a website will contain multiple pages or one page that contains multiple versions of the same copy. This isn't plagiarism as it is coming from the original source, but it is poor practice for search engine optimization. This can quickly push a site further down in the rankings and it serves no purpose for their target audiences. The same goes for duplicate meta descriptions and tags. Pages should contain their own unique set of tags and meta descriptions in order to increase the chance of a better ranking overall.