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A Blogger’s Guide to Making a Living From a Blog

13. dubna 2017 v 18:45
Set Expectations in the Long Term

SEO DenverMaking a living out of a blog shouldn't be something that bloggers shoot for in the short term. Such a perspective leads to the blogger seeking shortcuts into revenue streams, which invariably compromises the quality of the blog. The only way that a blogger stands a chance of making a decent income out of their work is to first focus on building a fundamentally sound blog that offers relevant, high quality content. Once that base is covered and proper marketing practices are added into the picture, an audience will eventually find its way to the blog, bringing the revenue with them.
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On the other hand, if the blogger clearly de-prioritized the quality of the blog in favor of seeking small cash hand outs whenever the opportunity arises, users will know that the blog is there as simply a money-based endeavor void entirely of passion. Bloggers should keep their dreams of making a living for their website in the long run, and build their blog patiently, step by step, to get there.

Advertising Isn't the Key Factor (at First)

Denver SEO companyMany bloggers starting out tend to think that advertising will be their bread and butter when it comes to earning a living online, but that's not exactly true. While advertising certainly does come with its share of rewards for the blogger, it won't become a considerable revenue source until the blog really takes off and reaches hundreds of thousands or millions of unique users a month. Instead, it's advised that bloggers take advantage of the advertising space on their page to get the word out on their own products. By inspiring people to buy the products they themselves offer, bloggers can effectively spike their advertising-related monthly revenue stream from $300 to $3000. It's for this reason that bloggers who offer users no product other than written contract should start thinking about what other options they can present to their visitors.

Develop a Community of Visitors

Denver SEO marketingThe strength of a successful blog depends as much from the size and cooperation of its "team" as it does on the efforts of the blogger. A strong, dedicated readership will stick with a blog they like for the long run, and will aid in a blog's success by spreading the word on a blog's content through social media sharing. It's known among seo companies Denver that a blog's visitors are impromptu foot soldiers for a blog's growth, serving to help the blogger widen their audience scope. A blogger should encourage conversation and engagement in their blog in an effort to raise the viewership connection to the brand. As the core team of a platform grows, so does the amount of people it can reach.