Květen 2017

The 5 Fundamentals of Awesome Content Creation

11. května 2017 v 10:49
It's a given that every blogger engages in their project with the intention of creating awesome content. Presumably, no one purposefully delivers low quality, bland content. However, if bloggers don't honor the 5 fundamentals of content creation listed below, they risk falling into the cesspool of boring, commonplace, un-engaging websites on the internet.

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Keep it Original

Producing original content is a fundamental component of creating a great blog. With the overwhelming amount of blogs on the internet that cover virtually every niche, a blogger can't afford to slip into too hazy a comfort zone when it comes to delivering content to its readers. Being original - and doing so consistently - isn't easy, of course. However, it's necessary if a blogger is looking to stand out from the vast crowd.

Keep it Engaging

Aside from originality, bloggers should always seek to make their content as engaging as possible. SEO companies Denver always suggest writing for readers rather than search engines. Of course, a certain amount of respect must be paid to SEO; aside from that, however, the content should be interesting and refreshing. Bloggers should seek to be helpful, answer questions, and effectively start a conversation within their community. Even controversial content is better than boring content. Additionally, bloggers should be mindful of their tone; it should be conversational in nature rather than monotonous and robotic.

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Include Visuals

We're living in the visual era, after all, which means that bloggers should pay respect to people's visual tendencies when creating content. Breaking up the text with images and videos can be quite helpful in retaining a reader's attention span. The average attention span has been on the decline in recent years, meaning that big, unbroken blocks of text are far less attractive than text accentuated with appropriate, attractive imagery.

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Refresh Content Regularly

Aside from originality, the content of a successful website should be fresh. Bloggers should get into the habit of refreshing their site regularly, adding new pages to content and updating blog posts with relevant information. This gives readers the sense that, if they return to the website, they'll find new insights on topics that were already covered.

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Encourage Reader Participation

Every page of the blog should include a clear call to action. Readers should be encouraged to share the content on social media. Of course, the content should be engaging, fresh, and original in the first place before readers are inclined to share it. However, if the content is of good enough quality to be shared, a domino effect can ensure that could lead to a significant spike in a website's traffic. In essence, the better the content is, the higher the likelihood of it being shared.